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David A. Bednar, 68 Mormon leader
Jeffrey R. Holland, 80 Mormon leader
Henry B. Eyring, 87 American Mormon leader
D. Todd Christofferson, 76 Mormon leader
George Good, 90 Irish dean
Laurie Green, 75 British bishop
Tim Stevens, 74 Bishop of Leicester; Bishop of Dunwich
Giles Fraser, 56 Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral
Francisco Fernández Carvajal, 83 Spanish Priest
Bill Down, 86 Assistant Bishop of Leicester; Bishop of Bermuda
H. David Burton, 83 Mormon leader
Irenaeus, 72 Bishop and saint
Humphrey Taylor, 83 Bishop of Selby
Tim Walberg, 70 American politician
John Holbrook, 58 Bishop of Brixworth
Little Richard, 88 Singer-songwriter
Gene Robinson, 73 Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire
Greg Boyle, 66
Wyn Evans, 74 British bishop
Edward Darling, 87 Irish bishop
Margrete Auken, 76 Danish politician
Paul Colton, 61 Irish bishop
Ken Good, 68 Bishop of Derry and Raphoe
Jack Nicholls, 77 Bishop of Sheffield; Bishop of Lancaster
Alan Wilson (bishop), 66 Anglican bishop
André Bosman, 61 Dutch politician and military officer
David Banfield, 81 Canadian ice hockey official
Donald Allister, 68 British bishop
Father Samuel, 79 priest
Andrew Proud, 67 British bishop
Bruce P. Blake, 74 American bishop
Carlton Pearson, 68 American minister
Brian Masters, 59 Bishop Of Edmonton; Bishop Of Fulham
Robert V. Taylor, 63 American Episcopalian priest
Dennis Dillon, 61
Jānis Vanags, 62 Latvian Lutheran archbishop
David Lund, 195 American artist
John Shelby Spong, 89 American bishop
Cecil Warren, 80 Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn
Geoff Pearson, 69 British bishop
Andres Põder, 71 Archbishop of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia
Raymond Collins, 86 American Priest
Stephen Conway, 63 British bishop
David Leake, 86 Anglican bishop
Simon Burrows, 92 Bishop of Buckingham
John Went, 77 Anglican bishop
Peter Dawes, 93 Bishop of Derby; Archdeacon of West Ham
Pete Wilcox, 60 Dean of Liverpool