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Lady Gaga, 35 American pop singer
Tom Hanks, 65 Actor
Stephen Fry, 64 British comedian
Gad Elmaleh, 50 French actor and comedian
Ben Stiller, 55 Actor Comedian Director Writer
Weird Al Yankovic, 61 American musician satirist parodist accordionist and television producer
Jared Leto, 49 American actor and musician
Mike Epps, 50 American actor musician and comedian
Patrick Stewart, 81 Actor
Stephanie McMahon, 45 Professional wrestling personality
Josh Peck, 34 Actor
Mark Sheppard, 57 British actor
Jada Pinkett Smith, 50 Actor singer
RuPaul, 60 African American actor musician drag queen
Miguel Varoni, 56 Colombian actor
Goldie Hawn, 75 American actress
Melissa Joan Hart, 45 American actress
Clark Gregg, 59 Actor director screenwriter
Rose McGowan, 48 American actress
Stephen Merchant, 46 British writer director and comic actor
Emma Blackery, 29 Internet celebrity
Shannen Doherty, 50 Actress director
Kristen Stewart, 31 Actress
Tina Fey, 51 American comedy writer and actress
Eugene Mirman, 47 American comedian
Angela Bassett, 63 American actor
David Gharibyan, 31 Armenian actor-model
Krysten Ritter, 39 American actress musician and former model
Jennie Garth, 49 Actress
Nia Vardalos, 59 American actor
Justin Roiland, 41 Actor comedian
Nathan Fielder, 38 Canadian actor
Lucy Liu, 52 American actress
Albi De Abreu, 46 Venezuelan actor
Jan Josef Liefers, 57 German actor
Edward James Olmos, 74 American actor and director
Justin Baldoni, 37 American actor
Jason Reitman, 43 Director; writer
Taika Waititi, 46 New Zealand film director
David Nutter, 61 American film director
Lea Thompson, 60 American actress of film and theatre and director of several television series and made-for-TV movies.
Nick Knight, 62 English cricketer
Danica McKellar, 46 actress writer
François Sagat, 42 French pornographic actor
Brad Falchuk, 50 American television writer director and producer
Potap, 40 Ukrainian singer
Mitchell Hurwitz, 58 American writer and producer
Chris Low, 36 Canadian ice hockey player