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Kyrie Irving, 29 Basketball player
Angelina Jolie, 46 American film actress
Stevie Nicks, 73 Singer-songwriter
Gioconda Belli, 72 Nicaraguan writer
Joyce Johnson, 86 Novelist short story writer memoirist
Rae Earl, 49 English writer and broadcaster
Michael Palin, 78 English comedian television presenter
Edwina Currie, 75 British politician
Gene Wilder, 83 Comedic actor
Jack Bruce, 71 British musician
Angela Nissel, 42 Television writer
Mel Giedroyc, 53 British comedian and actor
Marianne Faithfull, 74 English singer and former lover of Mick Jagger
Didier Lestrade, 63 Writer and activist
David Blunkett, 74 blind British politician
Piers Morgan, 56 British journalist and television presenter
Charles Juliet, 87 french writer
Janet Baker, 88 Opera and concert singer
Lee Iacocca, 94 American businessman
Kurt Cobain, 27 American singer guitarist in Nirvana
Ronald Reagan, 93 American actor and politician 33rd Governor of California 40th President of the United States
Theodore Roosevelt, 60 26th President of the United States
Clara Barton, 90 Entrepreneur
Harry S. Truman, 88 thirty-third President of the United States
Virginia Woolf, 59 English novelist essayist
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, 53 Ukrainian composer
Lewis Carroll, 65 Author mathematician and clergyman
Sylvia Plath, 30 American poet novelist
Charles Lindbergh, 72 Aviator
Pierre Trudeau, 80 15th Prime Minister of Canada
Joseph Goebbels, 47 Nazi politician and Propaganda Minister
Gloria Vanderbilt, 95 American businesswoman fashion designer socialite and writer
Voltaire, 83 Enlightenment philosopher
Richard Burton, 58 Welsh actor
Robert Hooke, 67 polymath physicist
Samuel Pepys, 70 17th century British diarist and civil servant
Lucy Maud Montgomery, 67 Canadian fiction writer
Herman Wouk, 103 Author
Henry David Thoreau, 44 American author naturalist transcendentalist tax resister development critic and philosopher
Lord Byron, 36 English poet and politician
Richard Wagner, 69 German composer conductor and essayist
Lix, 71 YouTube Star
Jim Carroll, 60 American musician and writer
Charles Bukowski, 73 Novelist Poet
Franz Kafka, 40 German-language writer
Allen Ginsberg, 70 poet activist essayist
Jean Cocteau, 74 French poet novelist dramatist designer boxing manager and filmmaker
Kenneth Williams, 62 English actor and comedian