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Russell Brand, 46 English comedian and actor
Perez Hilton, 43 American actor
Rainn Wilson, 55 Actor
Solange Knowles, 35 Musician
Paul Krugman, 68 American economist columnist author and Nobel Laureate
Biz Stone, 47 American blogger
Arianna Huffington, 71 American journalist
Shekhar Kapur, 75 Indian film director
Dianna Agron, 35 Actress singer
Michelle Malkin, 51 American author and journalist
Malini Agarwal, 44 Indian blogger
Zach Braff, 46 American Actor director screenwriter producer
Ezra Klein, 37 American journalist
Rick Mercer, 52 Canadian comedian
Soleil Moon Frye, 45 Actress director screenwriter
Al Roker, 67 Weather presenter television and radio personality
Ana Marie Cox, 49 Political author editor columnist and blogger
Grace Helbig, 36 American comedian
Alec Baldwin, 63 American actor
Dmitry Medvedev, 56 Politician businessman lawyer
Zico, 68 Brazilian footballer and coach
Glenn Greenwald, 54 American political journalist lawyer columnist blogger and author
Ta-Nehisi Coates, 46 American author and editor
Robert Peston, 61 Journalist
Gene Simmons, 72 Israeli actor and musician
Anita Sarkeesian, 37 American blogger
Brandon Stanton, 37 American photographer
Marc Andreessen, 50 American entrepreneur/investor/software engineer/multi-millionaire
Takeshi Tsuruno, 46 Actor and musician
Sascha Lobo, 2010 German blogger and journalist
Robert Scoble, 56 American blogger
Paulo Henrique Amorim, 77 Brazilian blogger and journalist
Dani Daniels, 32 American pornographic actress
David Frum, 61 American political commentator
Cory Doctorow, 50 Journalist. Author
Zawachin, 29
Xiaxue, 37 Singaporean television personality
Brandi Love, 48 American pornographic actor businesswoman
Nik Richie, 42 American blogger
Alex Schulman, 45 Journalist blogger television and radio personality
Jeffrey Zeldman, 66 Internet pioneer
Roseanne Barr, 68 Actress comedienne writer producer director
Mara Wilson, 34 American writer former actor
@evleaks, 43 American blogger
Carrie Brownstein, 47 Guitarist comic actress writer
Dave Navarro, 54 American musician
Kenny Hotz, 54 Canadian actor
Limmy, 47 Scottish comedian