White Dwarf 10 years old

Hollywood: Where Shooting Stars Lose Their Luster.

White Dwarf is a blend of story, documentary, of cinéma and vérité that examines the culture of Hollywood when shooting stars eventually lose their luster. The film chronicles a day (and night) in the life of Gregory, a couch-surfing aspiring actor, his group of 'industry' friends and the false lives they lead.


White Dwarf Cast

Name Character
David Moscow He was 39, now 49 years old as David
Kirsty Mitchell She was 39, now 50 years old as Kirsty
Lance Bass He was 34, now 45 years old as Lance
Anil Raman as Anil
Eddie Mills He was 41, now 51 years old as Eddie
Julie Mond She was 113, now 123 years old as Julie
Joe Robert Cole He was 34, now 44 years old as Joe
Ramsey Krull as Ramsey
Carlos Miranda as Carlos
Adel Marie Ruiz as Marie
Tanner Beard He was 29, now 39 years old as Tanner
Shira Scott as Shira
Logan McNeil as Logan

White Dwarf Crew

Name Department
White Dwarf (10 years)

Hollywood: Where Shooting Stars Lose Their Luster.

  • Release day: Wednesday, January 01, 2014
  • Runtime: 95 minutes