Toby McTeague 38 years old

He Just Has To Win!

Toby is a teenager who doesn't care much about school. In fact, he has his eyes on the title of a prestigious dog-sleigh race. He will have to undergo extensive training in order to win it.


Toby McTeague Cast

Name Character
Winston Rekert He was 36, 63 years old when he died as Tom McTeague
Joanne Vannicola She was 17, now 55 years old as Parker
Timothy Webber as Edison Crowe
Yannick Bisson He was 16, now 54 years old as Toby McTeague
Stephanie Morgenstern She was 20, now 58 years old as Sara
Evan Adams He was 19, now 57 years old as Jacob
George Clutesi He was 81, 83 years old when he died as Chief
Ian Finlay He was 79, 89 years old when he died as Reporter TV
Hamish McEwan as Mike Lynn

Toby McTeague Crew

Name Department
Jean-Claude Lord as Director. He was 42 (now 80) years old Directing
René Verzier as Cinematography. He was 52 (now 90) years old Crew
Nicolas Clermont as Producer. He was 44 (59) years old when He died Production
Yves Langlois as Editor. He was 39 (now 77) years old Editing
Pieter Kroonenburg as Executive Producer. Production
Rosina Bucci as Casting. Production
David J. Patterson as Executive Producer. He was 36 (now 74) years old Production
Michèle Hamel as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Toby McTeague poster
Toby McTeague (38 years)

He Just Has To Win!

  • Release day: Saturday, March 01, 1986
  • Runtime: 96 minutes