Time at the Top 25 years old

Susan has the key to an awesome adventure!

14-year old Susan Shawson travels back in time in her building's elevator. As altered by a retired physicist living in her building, it transports her from Philadelphia of 1998 back to the same place in 1881. There she meets Victoria Walker, a girl her own age in need of assistance with her own family problems. Gradually discovering the power of her time machine, Susan, Victoria, and her young brother Robert travel back and forth in time and succeed in changing both the past and the future.


Time at the Top Cast

Name Character
Elisha Cuthbert She was 16, now 41 years old as Susan Shawson
Timothy Busfield He was 41, now 67 years old as Frank Shawson
Michel Perron He was 46, now 71 years old as Bodoni
Michael Sinelnikoff He was 70, now 95 years old as Mr. Reynolds
Matthew Harbour He was 8, now 34 years old as Robert Walker
Nadia Verrucci as Mrs. McLernon
Jacklin Webb as Mrs. Clutchett
Lynne Adams She was 52, now 77 years old as Nora Walker / Nina Shawson

Time at the Top Crew

Name Department
Jim Kaufman as Director. Jim Kaufman was 17 (now 42) years old Directing
Time at the Top poster
Time at the Top (25 years)

Susan has the key to an awesome adventure!

  • Release day: Sunday, January 17, 1999
  • Runtime: 96 minutes