The Ideal Palace (L'Incroyable Histoire du facteur Cheval) 3 years old

The Ideal Palace

Follows Joseph Ferdinand Chavel a French postman who built a palace in the French countryside over 33 years.


The Ideal Palace Cast

Name Character
Bernard Le Coq He was 68, now 71 years old as Auguste
Jacques Gamblin He was 61, now 64 years old as Joseph Ferdinand Cheval (Le facteur Cheval)
Florence Thomassin She was 52, now 56 years old as Félicienne
Laetitia Casta She was 40, now 44 years old as Philomène cheval
Aurélien Wiik He was 38, now 42 years old as Benjamin Lecoeur
Eric Savin as Joseph Cadier
Natacha Lindinger She was 48, now 52 years old as Garance
Alain Blazquez He was 63, now 67 years old as Jean-Louis Revol
Franck Adrien He was 54, now 57 years old as Le docteur

The Ideal Palace Crew

Name Department
Marion Monestier as Editor. Editing
Nils Tavernier as Director. He was 53 (now 57) years old Directing
Nils Tavernier as Screenplay. He was 53 (now 57) years old Writing
The Ideal Palace poster
The Ideal Palace (3 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
  • Runtime: 105 minutes