The Film Narrator (Der Kinoerzähler) 28 years old

Germany in the Thirties. A movie teller realizes that his profession is not longer needed. Silent movies are not produced any longer. Telling stories is the only thing the man was ever good in, so he does not know what to do now. As political circumstances are changing dramatically these days in Germany, he gets new hope that things will again be going better for him...


The Film Narrator Cast

Name Character
Martin Benrath He was 67, 73 years old when he died as Herr Theilhaber
Gojko Mitić He was 53, now 81 years old as Reiter
Otto Sander He was 52, 72 years old when he died as Salzmann
Eva Mattes She was 38, now 67 years old as Frau Fritzsche
Armin Mueller-Stahl He was 62, now 91 years old as Kinoerzähler
Udo Samel He was 40, now 68 years old as Herr Lange
Stephan Grossmann He was 22, now 50 years old
Tina Engel She was 43, now 71 years old as Marie
Franziska Troegner She was 39, now 67 years old as Friseuse Sybille
Katharina Tanner as Klara
Peter Mohrdieck He was 35, now 64 years old as Friseur Ehrlich
Harry Baer He was 46, now 74 years old as Herr Baer
Christiane Reiff She was 41, now 69 years old as Frau Goetze
Andrej Jautze as Paul
Sophie Loewe as Anna
H.H. Müller He was 55, now 84 years old

The Film Narrator Crew

Name Department
Gert Hofman as Novel. Writing
Heidi Handorf as Editor. She was 44 (now 72) years old Editing
Götz Weidner as Set Designer. He was 50 (now 79) years old Art
Barbara Baum as Costume Design. She was 49 (now 77) years old Costume & Make-Up
The Film Narrator poster
The Film Narrator (28 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, November 25, 1993
  • Runtime: 98 minutes