The Blind Sunflowers (Los girasoles ciegos) 16 years old

The Blind Sunflowers

Orense, Spain, 1940, just after the end of the Civil War. Every time Elena locks the door of her home, she and her children become the faithful guardians of a sacred secret: Ricardo, her husband, their father, hides in the house, trying to avoid the brutal political persecution of the victors, who hunt, as if they were wild animals, and imprison or execute, those who have lost the bloody and tragic struggle…


The Blind Sunflowers Cast

Name Character
Maribel Verdú She was 38, now 53 years old as Elena
Roger Príncep He was 10, now 25 years old as Lorenzo
Raúl Arévalo He was 29, now 44 years old as Salvador
Javier Cámara He was 42, now 57 years old as Ricardo
Luis Callejo He was 38, now 53 years old as Fiscal Militar
José Ángel Egido He was 56, now 71 years old as Rector
David Janer as Falangista
Fernando Ransanz as (uncredited)
Patrick Criado He was 12, now 28 years old as Luis
Ricardo de Barreiro He was 33, now 49 years old as Fernández
Emiliano Otegui as (uncredited)
Carmen Losa She was 48, now 64 years old as Sobrina
Miguel de Lira He was 44, now 60 years old as Hermano
Juan Antonio Quintana He was 69, now 85 years old as (uncredited)
Santi Prego He was 45, now 62 years old as (uncredited)
Xosé Manuel Olveira He was 53, 58 years old when he died as (uncredited)
Fanny de Castro as Tía Lola
Irene Escolar She was 19, now 35 years old as Elenita

The Blind Sunflowers Crew

Name Department
Sonia Grande as Costume Design. She was 45 (now 60) years old Costume & Make-Up
Luis San Narciso as Casting. Production
Nacho Ruiz Capillas as Editor. He was 43 (now 58) years old Editing
Simón de Santiago as Executive Producer. Production
Lucio Godoy as Original Music Composer. He was 51 (now 66) years old Sound
Fernando Bovaira as Producer. Production
Hans Burmann as Director of Photography. Camera
Emiliano Otegui as Production Manager. Production
Rafael Azcona as Adaptation. He was 82 (81) years old when He died Writing
Fermín Galán as Hair Department Head. Costume & Make-Up
Balter Gallart as Production Design. Art
Julio Madurga as Camera Operator. Camera
The Blind Sunflowers poster
The Blind Sunflowers (16 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 2008
  • Runtime: 98 minutes