The Adventurer 104 years old

A young girl is trying to live an honest life in a crooked city. Caught up with a crook that might be the son of a millionaire and other crooked people, she must attempt to reform things, or at least one person.


The Adventurer Cast

Name Character
Charles Halton He was 40, 83 years old when he died as Austin
Marian Swayne She was 25, 82 years old when she died as Dorothy Markham

The Adventurer Crew

Name Department
Upton Sinclair as Novel. He was 38 (90) years old when He died Writing
Harry Chandlee as Writer. He was 34 (73) years old when He died Writing
Herbert Blaché as Producer. He was 34 (71) years old when He died Production
Alice Guy-Blaché as Director. She was 43 (94) years old when She died Directing
The Adventurer poster
The Adventurer (104 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, February 15, 1917
  • Runtime: 50 minutes