Tall Timbers 85 years old

A young forestry graduate, Jim Thornton, is involved in a race between timber companies to fill a major contract. Jim has joined the crew of a genial timber baron, Burbridge, and foils attempts by a rival, Blake, to sabotage their work. J. Alan Kenyon's special effects are the highlights of the film with comic relief provided by Joe Valli as a Scottish timber-train driver amorously pursued by a shrill-voiced maid of the Burbridge's country house.


Tall Timbers Cast

Name Character
Frank Leighton He was 29, 54 years old when he died as Jim Thornton
Ann Richards (actress) She was 19, 88 years old when she died as Joan Burbridge (as Shirley Ann Richards)

Tall Timbers Crew

Name Department
Tall Timbers (85 years)

  • Release day: Tuesday, August 03, 1937
  • Runtime: 79 minutes