Sword of Honour 21 years old

Love destroyed. War restored.

Sword of Honour

Guy Crouchback joins the war effort during World War 2, an idealistic quest to join the forces of good in the fight against evil. But his efforts is not rewarded, he never has any chance to join any real fighting, circumstances always prevent it. Instead he finds himself in the middle of an army full of cowards, incompetents and a few outright evil men. They of course reap the fortunes of war, promotions and fame, but never Crouchback. His war is just an endless list of transfers and an hopeless but noble quest for righteousness.


Sword of Honour Cast

Name Character
Daniel Craig He was 32, now 54 years old as Guy Crouchback
Simon Chandler He was 48, now 69 years old as Maj. Irvine
Julian Rhind-Tutt He was 32, now 53 years old
Tom Wisdom He was 27, now 49 years old
Guy Henry He was 40, now 61 years old
Abigail Cruttenden She was 32, now 54 years old
Leslie Phillips He was 76, now 98 years old
Adam Godley He was 36, now 57 years old
Selina Cadell She was 48, now 69 years old as Angela Crouchback
Robert Daws He was 41, now 63 years old
Katrin Cartlidge She was 39, 41 years old when she died as Julia Stitch
Richard Coyle He was 28, now 50 years old as Trimmer McTavish
Peter Gunn He was 37, now 59 years old
Stephen Mangan He was 28, now 49 years old
Christopher Benjamin He was 66, now 87 years old as Doctor
Peter Blythe He was 66, 69 years old when he died as Gen. Graves
Robert Pugh He was 51, now 72 years old as Brigadier
Nicholas Boulton He was 32, now 53 years old as Bertie
Rupert Vansittart He was 42, now 64 years old
Tim Briggs He was 30, now 52 years old as Sgt. Glass
Malcolm Storry He was 52, now 74 years old
Simon Williams He was 54, now 76 years old
Jane Bertish as Mme Kanyi

Sword of Honour Crew

Name Department
Maggie Gray as Set Decoration. She was 1 (now 22) years old Art
Ben Scott as Production Design. He was 19 (now 40) years old Art
Paul Ghirardani as Art Direction. Art
Stuart Rose as Art Direction. He was 51 (now 73) years old Art
Daf Hobson as Director of Photography. He was 50 (now 71) years old Camera
Nina Humphreys as Music. Sound
Bill Anderson as Director. He was 63 (60) years old when He died Directing
Andy Kennedy as Sound Effects Editor. He was 103 (66) years old when He died Sound
Joe Walker as Editor. He was 37 (now 58) years old Editing
Tony Harding as Special Effects Supervisor. He was 58 (72) years old when He died Visual Effects
Susie Conklin as Script Editor. Writing
Sword of Honour poster
Sword of Honour (21 years)

Love destroyed. War restored.

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 02, 2001
  • Runtime: 191 minutes