Six (หกตาย ท้าตาย) 19 years old

Fai (Intira Charoenpura) is a girl who's mysteriously connected to the number "6", which is related to her bad luck. On the night before her 24th birthday (2+4 = 6) , her friends come to celebrate. Ong (Watcharachai Sataphitak), one of her friend who has the knowledge of horoscope finds the snake star in the sky, which rarely appears in rainy season. It's the sign of bad luck that could claim their life, but Khan (Ray Macdonald) insists to everyone that's absolutely nonsense and wants to prove the truth. Following Khan's belief, all 6 friends head to a desolate mansion that has been told about 6 coffins lying somewhere in the mansion. They come face to face with supernatural events that come along with their ultimate fear.


Six Cast

Name Character
Intira Jaroenpura She was 23, now 43 years old as Fai
Pradon Sirakovit as Tri
Ray MacDonald He was 27, now 46 years old as Khan
Pradon Sirakovit

Six Crew

Name Department
Six poster
Six (19 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, November 18, 2004
  • Runtime: 94 minutes