Rose Hill 27 years old

Four orphan boys running from the law in New York stumble upon a baby in a carriage. They decide to head west and take the baby which they name Mary Rose with them. Eventually they set up a ranch which they name Rose Hill. Mary Rose grows up to be a beautiful woman and gets involved with a man who kills one of her brothers. Her brothers then explain to her that they found her in New York and she returns to find her real family. During this time Rose Hill is falling apart since her oldest brother has fallen ill and her other two brothers have gone their separate ways.


Rose Hill Cast

Name Character
Vera Farmiga She was 23, now 50 years old as Emily Elliot
Jennifer Garner She was 25, now 52 years old as Mary Rose Clayborne / Victoria Elliot at 17
Justin Chambers He was 26, now 53 years old as Cole Clayborne
Kevin Zegers He was 12, now 39 years old as Cole Clayborne at 13
Stuart Wilson He was 50, now 77 years old as Richard Elliot
Jeffrey D. Sams He was 30, now 57 years old as Adam Clayborne
Zak Orth He was 26, now 53 years old as Douglas Clayborne
Casey Siemaszko He was 36, now 63 years old as Fergus Carroll
Tristan Tait He was 25, now 52 years old as Travis Clayborne
David Newsom He was 35, now 62 years old as John Stringer
Kristin Griffith She was 43, now 70 years old as Annie
Carmen Moore She was 24, now 51 years old as Shining Water

Rose Hill Crew

Name Department
Earl W. Wallace as Teleplay. He was 2 (18) years old when He died Writing
Christopher Cain as Director. He was 53 (now 80) years old Directing
Rose Hill poster
Rose Hill (27 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, April 20, 1997
  • Runtime: 90 minutes