Red Shoe Diaries 31 years old

Trapped by a burning secret. Torn by a blazing desire.

He gave her his devoted passion. He offered her a lasting relationship. He promised her a secure future. She thought he was all she ever wanted. Until she met everything she ever desired: the perfect body... on the perfect man... with a perfect opportunity for having a secret affair with a total stranger. Haunted by guilt, she is drawn uncontrollably into the powerful, beckoning arms of illicit lust and feverish obsession. But like a moth lured to the candle, the fire that now controls her could be the flame that one day consumes her.


Red Shoe Diaries Cast

Name Character
David Duchovny He was 31, now 63 years old as Jake Winters
George S. Clinton He was 44, now 76 years old as Piano Player
Brigitte Bako She was 25, now 56 years old as Alex
Brenda Vaccaro She was 52, now 84 years old as Martha
Billy Wirth He was 29, now 61 years old as Thomas K. Butler
Rhonda Aldrich She was 7, now 24 years old as Michelle
Kai Wulff He was 39, now 71 years old as Paul
Christina Caron as Heidi II.
Evie Sullivan as Gabriella
Leana Hall as Ingrid
Bridgit Ryan as Marlene
Anna Karin as Heidi I.

Red Shoe Diaries Crew

Name Department
Ferne Cassel as Casting. Production
Patricia Louisianna Knop as Screenplay. She was 51 (78) years old when She died Writing
Rafael Eisenman as Producer. Production
David Saunders as Producer. He was 160 (61) years old when He died Production
Marc Reshovsky as Director of Photography. He was 34 (52) years old when He died Camera
James Gavin Bedford as Director of Photography. Camera
Willi Bär as Producer. Production
Heidi Scharfe as Editor. Editing
Zalman King as Director. He was 49 (69) years old when He died Directing
Zalman King as Executive Producer. He was 49 (69) years old when He died Production
Zalman King as Screenplay. He was 49 (69) years old when He died Writing
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Red Shoe Diaries (31 years)

Trapped by a burning secret. Torn by a blazing desire.

  • Release day: Saturday, May 16, 1992
  • Runtime: 103 minutes