Puss in Boots 38 years old

A young man (Gregory Hines) journeys from rags-to-riches thanks to his talented Puss in Boots (Ben Vereen). Starring Ben Vereen, Gregory Hines, Alfre Woodard, George Kirby, and Brock Peters. Narrated by Shelley Duvall.


Puss in Boots Cast

Name Character
Alfre Woodard She was 32, now 71 years old as Princess Lovinia
Brock Peters He was 57, 77 years old when he died as Ogre
Ben Vereen He was 38, now 77 years old as Puss in Boots
Gregory Hines He was 39, 57 years old when he died as Edgar - Miller's Son
George Kirby He was 51, 61 years old when he died as King

Puss in Boots Crew

Name Department
Robert Iscove as Director. He was 38 (now 76) years old Directing
Shelley Duvall as Executive Producer. She was 36 (now 74) years old Production
Puss in Boots poster
Puss in Boots (38 years)

  • Release day: Monday, September 09, 1985
  • Runtime: 60 minutes