O.C. and Stiggs 36 years old

Adventures in upper middle class suburbia.

O.C. and Stiggs aren't your average unhappy teenagers. They not only despise their suburban surroundings, they plot against it. They seek revenge against the middle class Schwab family, who embody all they detest: middle class.


Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon


Martin Mull
Martin Mull

Pat Coletti

Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper


Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer

Randall Schwab Jr.

Nina van Pallandt
Nina van Pallandt

Clare Dejavue

Bob Uecker
Bob Uecker


All Cast

Name Character
Caroline Aaron She was 32, now 68 years old as Janine
Dennis Hopper He was 48, 74 years old when he died as Sponson
Ray Walston He was 70, 86 years old when he died as Grandpa 'Gramps' Ogilvie
Paul Dooley He was 56, now 93 years old as Randall Schwab
Tina Louise She was 50, now 87 years old as Florence Beaugereaux
Cynthia Nixon She was 18, now 55 years old as Michelle
Nina van Pallandt She was 52, now 89 years old as Clare Dejavue
Greg Wrangler He was 18, now 54 years old as Jefferson Washington
Jane Curtin She was 37, now 73 years old as Elinore Schwab
Jon Cryer He was 19, now 56 years old as Randall Schwab Jr.
Alan Autry He was 32, now 69 years old as Goon
Martin Mull He was 41, now 77 years old as Pat Coletti
Carla Borelli She was 42, now 78 years old as Stella Stiggs
Robert Fortier He was 58, 78 years old when he died as Wino Jim
Neill Barry He was 19, now 55 years old as Mark Stiggs
Daniel H. Jenkins He was 21, now 58 years old as Oliver Cromwell 'O.C.' Ogilvie
Tiffany Helm She was 20, now 57 years old as Charlotte
Melvin Van Peebles He was 52, now 88 years old as Wino Bob
Bob Uecker He was 49, now 86 years old as Himself
Danny Darst as Schwab Commercial Singer


Name Department
David Gropman as Art Direction. He was 32 (now 69) years old Art
Scott Bushnell as Production Design. Art
Elizabeth Kling as Editor. Editing
Pierre Mignot as Director of Photography. He was 40 (now 77) years old Camera
Peter Newman as Producer. Production
Robert Altman as Director. He was 59 (81) years old when He died Directing
Robert Altman as Producer. He was 59 (81) years old when He died Production
O.C. and Stiggs poster
O.C. and Stiggs (36 years)

Adventures in upper middle class suburbia.

  • Release day: Tuesday, January 01, 1985
  • Runtime: 109 minutes