Mambo Café (Café Mambo) 23 years old

Mambo Café

A beautiful Puerto Rican girl and her family in Spanish harlem devise a novel plan to attract business to their restaurant, causing a wildly comic sequence of events ending in near disaster.


Mambo Café Cast

Name Character
Danny Aiello He was 66, 86 years old when he died as Joey
Ellen Pompeo She was 30, now 53 years old as Stacie
Rick Gonzalez He was 20, now 43 years old as Ricky
Robert Costanzo He was 57, now 80 years old as Fat Tony
Michael Pitt He was 19, now 42 years old as Teenage Male
Kamar de los Reyes He was 32, now 55 years old as Manny
Gabriel Olds He was 28, now 51 years old as Billy
Lillo Brancato He was 24, now 47 years old as Wheasel
Thalía She was 28, now 51 years old as Nydia
Richard Hillman He was 25, 34 years old when he died as Chris
Paul Rodriguez He was 45, now 68 years old as Frank
Rosanna DeSoto She was 49, now 72 years old as Carmen
Luis Raúl He was 38, 51 years old when he died as Gilberto

Mambo Café Crew

Name Department
Donald Kushner as Executive Producer. He was 55 (now 78) years old Production
Annette Benson as Casting. She was 105 (now 128) years old Production
Jeff Beal as Music. He was 36 (now 59) years old Sound
Michael F. Barrow as Cinematography. Crew
Tara Timpone as Editor. She was 38 (now 61) years old Editing
Jill Newell as Assistant Costume Designer. Costume & Make-Up
Roshelle Berliner as Production Design. Art
Alicia Reilly Larson as Co-Producer. Production
Robert E. Baruc as Co-Executive Producer. Production
Jussi Tegelman as Sound Editor. Sound
Peter Locke as Executive Producer. He was 99 (now 122) years old Production
Paul Etheredge as Property Master. He was 31 (now 54) years old Art
Douglas Crosby as Stunt Coordinator. Crew
Reuben Gonzalez as Director. Directing
Reuben Gonzalez as Writer. Writing
Roger Fenton as Assistant Editor. He was 181 (50) years old when He died Editing
Robyn Knoll as Casting. Production
Jessica Gee-George as ADR Voice Casting. She was 34 (now 57) years old Production
Mambo Café poster
Mambo Café (23 years)

  • Release day: Friday, April 21, 2000