Malady of Love (Maladie d'amour) 35 years old

Malady of Love

Two physicians, one old and one young, fall in love with the same woman, Juliette, a quixotic hairdresser. First, she is with Raoul, the older one; then passion for Clément, the younger doctor, takes over. Raoul fights back, playing on Clément's guilt and Juliette's lack of self-assurance; then, Clément makes his case to Juliette, abandons his fiancée, and takes her to the provinces where he sets up practice and asks her to have a baby. She panics and abruptly leaves Clément, taking up with Raoul again. When she contracts Hodgkin's disease and the treatment does no good, Raoul believes she has the malady of love. Is there a cure?


Malady of Love Cast

Name Character
Jean-Hugues Anglade He was 32, now 67 years old as Clément Potrel
Nastassja Kinski She was 26, now 62 years old as Juliette
Jean-Claude Brialy He was 54, 74 years old when he died as Frédéric
Nelly Borgeaud She was 55, 72 years old when she died as (scenes deleted)
Catherine Jacob She was 30, now 66 years old
Michel Piccoli He was 61, now 97 years old as Raoul Bergeron
Souad Amidou She was 28, now 63 years old as Farida
Sophie d'Aulan as Diane
Jean-Paul Roussillon He was 56, 78 years old when he died as Jacques
Jack Berard
Philippine Pascal She was 53, 80 years old when she died
Jean-Luc Porraz He was 34, now 70 years old as Jean-Luc
Gil Lagay
Alain Ollivier He was 49, 72 years old when he died
Michel Beaujard
Jeannine Godinas

Malady of Love Crew

Name Department
Jean-François Robin as Cinematography. He was 44 (now 80) years old Crew
Jacques Deray as Director. He was 58 (74) years old when He died Directing
Romano Musumarra as Original Music Composer. He was 31 (now 66) years old Sound
Henri Lanoë as Editor. He was 58 (now 93) years old Editing
Danièle Thompson as Writer. She was 45 (now 81) years old Writing
Andrzej Żuławski as Story. He was 46 (75) years old when He died Writing
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Malady of Love (35 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, September 30, 1987
  • Runtime: 122 minutes