L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo 13 years old

1905, the cinematograph has reached Southern Italy, and casts fear among the people to whom it seems a devilish trick. They call it "o 'imbroglie din t'o lenzuolo" - "The Trick in the Sheet", as white sheets were used for screening.


L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo Cast

Name Character
Geraldine Chaplin She was 65, now 79 years old as Alma
Angélica Aragón She was 56, now 70 years old as Teresa
Maria Grazia Cucinotta She was 41, now 55 years old as Marianna
Anne Parillaud She was 50, now 63 years old as Beatrice
Ernesto Mahieux He was 64, now 77 years old as pecoraro
Miguel Ángel Silvestre He was 28, now 41 years old as Giocondo
Nathalie Caldonazzo She was 41, now 54 years old as Elisa de Valory
Giselda Volodi She was 50, now 64 years old as Elena
Primo Reggiani He was 26, now 40 years old as Federico
Mimosa Campironi She was 23, now 37 years old as Virginia
Ralph Palka He was 47, now 60 years old as Console Burke
Aurora Quattrocchi She was 67, now 80 years old as Paesana casa Alma
Pietro Ragusa He was 44, now 58 years old as Don Antonio
Riccardo Floris as Marcello

L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo Crew

Name Department
Riccardo Neri as Executive Producer. Production
L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo poster
L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo (13 years)

  • Release day: Friday, June 18, 2010
  • Runtime: 105 minutes