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Jason X

In the year 2455, Old Earth is now a contaminated planet abandoned for centuries -- a brown world of violent storms, toxic landmasses and poisonous seas. Yet humans have returned to the deadly place that they once fled, not to live, but to research the ancient, rusting artifacts of the long-gone civilizations. But it's not the harmful environment that could prove fatal to the intrepid, young explorers who have just landed on Old Earth. For them, it's Friday the 13th, and Jason lives!


Jason X Cast

Name Character
Jonathan Potts He was 37, now 58 years old as Professor Lowe
Lexa Doig She was 28, now 49 years old as Rowan
Peter Mensah He was 42, now 63 years old as Sgt. Brodski
Dov Tiefenbach He was 20, now 41 years old as Azrael
Lisa Ryder She was 31, now 52 years old as Kay-Em 14
David Cronenberg He was 59, now 80 years old as Dr. Wimmer
Todd Farmer He was 33, now 54 years old as Dallas
Boyd Banks He was 38, now 59 years old as Fat Lou
Chuck Campbell He was 32, now 53 years old as Tsunaron
Steve Lucescu as Condor
Kane Hodder He was 47, now 68 years old as Jason Voorhees / Uber-Jason
Derwin Jordan as Waylander
Markus Parilo as Sgt. Marcus (as Marcus Parilo)
Melyssa Ade She was 25, now 46 years old as Janessa
Melody Johnson She was 23, now 44 years old as Kinsa
Yani Gellman He was 16, now 37 years old as Stoney
Jeff Geddis He was 26, now 47 years old as Johnson (Soldier #1)
Kristi Angus She was 30, now 51 years old as Adrienne
Roman Podhora as Rescue Piloet

Jason X Crew

Name Department
Robin D. Cook as Casting. Production
Clive Thomasson as Set Decoration. Art
Derick V. Underschultz as Director of Photography. Camera
David Handman as Editor. Editing
Marilyn Stonehouse as Unit Production Manager. Production
Steve Lucescu as Stunt Coordinator. Crew
Todd Farmer as Screenplay. He was 33 (now 54) years old Writing
Eric Bryson as Stunts. Crew
James Isaac as Director. He was 41 (51) years old when He died Directing
Noel Cunningham as Producer. Production
Daniela Saioni as Script Supervisor. She was 32 (now 54) years old Directing
Robert Racki as Stunts. Crew
Maxyne Baker as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Dennis Berardi as Special Effects Supervisor. Visual Effects
Walter Gasparovic as First Assistant Director. Directing
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Jason X (21 years)

Evil has an upgrade.

  • Release day: Tuesday, July 24, 2001
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Budget: 11000000.00
  • Revenue: 16951798.00