Intern 24 years old

A young, underappreciated intern at the ultra-hip magazine Skirt must learn to deal with kissy-face phoniness, model tantrums and bulimic editors, while trying to steal the heart of a dashing British art director from the grips of a supermodel.


Intern Cast

Name Character
Gwyneth Paltrow She was 27, now 51 years old as Herself
Ben Pullen He was 28, now 52 years old as Paul Rochester
Billy Porter He was 30, now 54 years old as Sebastian Niederfarb
Joan Rivers She was 66, 81 years old when she died as Dolly Bellows
Peggy Lipton She was 53, 72 years old when she died as Roxanne Rochet
Dominique Swain She was 19, now 43 years old as Jocelyn Bennett
Anson Scoville He was 22, now 47 years old as Alex
Kathy Griffin She was 39, now 63 years old as Cornelia Crisp
Bill Raymond He was 61, now 85 years old as Deep Throat
Rocco Sisto He was 47, now 71 years old as Pierre La Roux
Dwight Ewell He was 32, now 56 years old as Gustave
Anna Levine She was 44, now 68 years old as Antoinette De la Paix
Tristine Skyler She was 28, now 52 years old as Deborah Duchet
Phillip Bloch He was 40, now 64 years old as Himself
James Urbaniak He was 36, now 60 years old as Olivier Di Santo
Samia Shoaib She was 47, now 71 years old as Betsy
Tina Casciani She was 11, now 35 years old as Model
Paulina Porizkova She was 34, now 59 years old as Chi Chi Chemise
Mary Wigmore as Alexandria
Nell Campbell She was 46, now 70 years old as Lady #4
Ryan Browning He was 25, now 49 years old as Franc Foulard
Donna Hanover She was 49, now 74 years old as Lady #3
Kenneth Cole He was 45, now 70 years old as Himself
André Leon Talley He was 50, now 74 years old as Himself
Victor Varnado He was 30, now 55 years old as Messenger
Alexia Landeau She was 24, now 49 years old as Bianca Bodell
Tommy Hilfiger He was 48, now 73 years old as Himself
Kidada Jones She was 25, now 50 years old as Aloha

Intern Crew

Name Department
Ronnie Yeskel as Casting. Production
Ernst Etchie Stroh as Producer. Production
Rodney Charters as Cinematography. He was 52 (now 76) years old Crew
James Harry as Music. Sound
Karen Jaroneski as Co-Producer. Production
Alex Orlovsky as Co-Producer. Production
Galt Niederhoffer as Producer. She was 25 (now 49) years old Production
Anita Brandt-Burgoyne as Editor. Editing
Daniela Taplin Lundberg as Producer. Production
Michael Lange as Director. He was 49 (now 74) years old Directing
Caroline Doyle as Associate Producer. She was 43 (now 67) years old Production
Caroline Doyle as Writer. She was 43 (now 67) years old Writing
Jill Kopelman as Writer. Writing
Intern poster
Intern (24 years)

  • Release day: Friday, January 21, 2000
  • Runtime: 90 minutes