Half Moon Street 37 years old

Dr. Lauren Slaughter, professor, emissary, hooker, target.

Half Moon Street

Dr. Lauren Slaughter, a research fellow at the Arab-Anglo Institute in London is utterly frustrated by her job. To supplement her income, she starts moonlighting at the Jasmine Escort Service, where she has more control over men and money than she does at the office. On one of her 'dates', Lauren meets the politician Lord Bulbeck who is trying to mediate a peace accord between the Arabs and Israelis. Bulbeck falls in love with his escort, and unwittingly, Lauren becomes a pawn in some very dirty politics.


Half Moon Street Cast

Name Character
Sigourney Weaver She was 36, now 74 years old as Dr. Lauren Slaughter
Michael Caine He was 53, now 91 years old as Lord Sam Bulbeck
Vincent Lindon He was 27, now 64 years old as Sonny
Anne Lambton She was 32, now 69 years old as Sidney Platts-Williams
Janet McTeer She was 25, now 62 years old as Van Arkady's Secretary
Ram John Holder He was 52, now 90 years old as Lindsay Walker
Maria Aitken She was 41, now 78 years old as The Hon. Maura Hardcastle
Carol Cleveland She was 44, now 82 years old as American Wife
Keith Buckley He was 6, now 44 years old as Hugo Van Arkady
Katherine Schofield as Overdressed Lady
Rupert Vansittart He was 28, now 66 years old as Alan Platts-Williams
Angus MacInnes He was 38, now 76 years old as Bill Rafferty
Niall O'Brien He was 4, now 42 years old as Captain Twilley
Faith Kent as Lady Newhouse
Nadim Sawalha He was 51, now 88 years old as Karim Hatami
Michael Elwyn He was 44, now 81 years old as Tom Haldane
Siobhan Redmond She was 26, now 64 years old as Institute Secretary
Patrick Kavanagh He was 81, 63 years old when he died as General Sir George Newhouse

Half Moon Street Crew

Name Department
Robin Gregory as Sound Mixer. He was 50 (68) years old when He died Sound
Bob Swaim as Director. He was 42 (now 80) years old Directing
Bob Swaim as Screenplay. He was 42 (now 80) years old Writing
Paul Theroux as Novel. He was 45 (now 83) years old Writing
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Half Moon Street (37 years)

Dr. Lauren Slaughter, professor, emissary, hooker, target.

  • Release day: Wednesday, August 13, 1986
  • Runtime: 90 minutes