Free-running Men (Freilaufende Männer) 12 years old

Free-running Men

Some call it a men's holiday, the other flee from themselves: Thomas, Jens and Malte have rented a holiday home on a secluded Swedish lake - the complete contrast to life at home. They are only partially satisfied with that for different reasons. One is around 40, the first interim balance revealed weak points. But even in the Swedish forest, where there are at least one moose in addition to the free-running men, the guys catch up on the reality quickly. Because the wasteland is not as gullible as hoped ...


Free-running Men Cast

Name Character
Judith Richter She was 32, now 44 years old as Ärztin
Filip Peeters He was 48, now 60 years old as Max
Wotan Wilke Möhring He was 43, now 56 years old as Thomas Zabel
Mark Waschke He was 39, now 51 years old as Jens
Jördis Triebel She was 33, now 45 years old as Karin
Fritz Karl He was 43, now 55 years old as Malte
Claudia Mehnert She was 39, now 51 years old as Marion
Stephan Schad He was 46, now 59 years old as Psychologe
Isabella Surel She was 28, now 41 years old as Nadine
Lisa Werlinder She was 39, now 51 years old as Malin
Julia Beerhold She was 40, now 53 years old as Eloise
Ben Unterkofler He was 20, now 33 years old as Enzo

Free-running Men Crew

Name Department
Matthias Tiefenbacher as Director. He was 49 (now 61) years old Directing
Gernot Gricksch as Screenplay. He was 47 (now 59) years old Writing
Gernot Gricksch as Novel. He was 47 (now 59) years old Writing
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Free-running Men (12 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, March 30, 2011
  • Runtime: 89 minutes