Dear Lemon Lima 13 years old

Dear Lemon Lima

Vanessa gets a dose of reality when Philip, her one true love, ends their relationship, again. The quirky teen enrolls in his school to win him back, but ends up making matters worse. Downgraded to social outcast, Vanessa struggles to reclaim Phillip's affection. Luckily, when Vanessa is declared a captain for the school's Snowstorm Survivor competition, she assembles a team of like-minded misfits to prove they deserve to compete and hopefully win her love's heart again.


Dear Lemon Lima Cast

Name Character
Elaine Hendrix She was 40, now 52 years old as Coach Roach
Vanessa Marano She was 18, now 30 years old as Samantha Combs
Meaghan Jette Martin She was 19, now 30 years old as Megan Kennedy
Melissa Leo She was 50, now 62 years old as Mrs. Howard
Emma Dumont She was 14, now 28 years old as Kellie
Beth Grant She was 61, now 73 years old as Principal Applebomb
Chase Wright Vanek He was 14, now 26 years old as Jon Mongory
Shayne Topp He was 18, now 31 years old as Philip Georgey
Kari Nissena She was 108, now 122 years old as Norma
Savanah Wiltfong as Vanessa Lemor
Eleanor Hutchins as Terri Lemor
Zane Huett He was 12, now 25 years old as Hercules Howard

Dear Lemon Lima Crew

Name Department
Meg Morman as Casting. Production
Sunday Boling as Casting. Production
Suzi Yoonessi as Director. She was 31 (now 44) years old Directing
Suzi Yoonessi as Writer. She was 31 (now 44) years old Writing
Kay Lee as Production Design. Art
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Dear Lemon Lima (13 years)

  • Release day: Friday, October 23, 2009
  • Runtime: 87 minutes