Cosmos 26 years old

Six visitors. Six stories. One universe.


Through an immigrant cab driver, our world collides with a nervous filmmaker, a lawyer whose new breasts her ex-boyfriend wants to see, a mystery man, a gay man who might or might not have AIDS, and a birthday girl who got stood up. It is a mixture of laughter and sadness, all floating on a sea of philosophy.


Cosmos Cast

Name Character
Élise Guilbault She was 34, now 60 years old as Propriétaire
David La Haye He was 31, now 55 years old as Morille
Carl Alacchi
Normand Daneau He was 44, now 69 years old as Collin
Gabriel Gascon He was 70, 91 years old when he died as Crépuscule
France Castel She was 54, now 78 years old
Stéphane Crête He was 28, now 54 years old
Pascale Desrochers She was 29, now 53 years old as Une guichetière
Stéphane Demers He was 31, now 56 years old as Gilles Ouellette
André Forcier He was 48, now 74 years old
Audrey Benoit as TV Personality

Cosmos Crew

Name Department
Richard Comeau as Editor. He was 37 (now 62) years old Editing
Karl Archambault as Unit Manager. Production
Roger Frappier as Producer. He was 52 (now 76) years old Production
Manon Briand as Director. She was 33 (now 58) years old Directing
Denis Villeneuve as Director. He was 29 (now 54) years old Directing
Jennifer Alleyn as Director. She was 26 (now 52) years old Directing
Marie-Julie Dallaire as Director. Directing
Arto Paragamian as Director. He was 31 (now 57) years old Directing
André Turpin as Director of Photography. He was 30 (now 56) years old Camera
André Turpin as Director. He was 30 (now 56) years old Directing
Cosmos poster
Cosmos (26 years)

Six visitors. Six stories. One universe.

  • Release day: Monday, January 01, 1996
  • Runtime: 99 minutes