Conan the Destroyer 39 years old

The most powerful legend of all is back in a new adventure.

Conan the Destroyer

Conan is commissioned by the evil queen Taramis to safely escort a teen princess and her powerful bodyguard to a far away castle to retrieve the magic Horn of Dagoth. Unknown to Conan, the queen plans to sacrifice the princess when she returns and inherit her kingdom after the bodyguard kills Conan. The queen's plans fail to take into consideration Conan's strength and cunning and the abilities of his sidekicks: the eccentric wizard Akiro, the warrior woman Zula, and the inept Malak. Together the hero and his allies must defeat both mortal and supernatural foes in this voyage to sword-and-sorcery land.


Conan the Destroyer Cast

Name Character
Arnold Schwarzenegger He was 36, now 76 years old as Conan
Olivia d'Abo She was 15, now 54 years old as Princess Jehnna
Tracey Walter He was 36, now 75 years old as Malak
André the Giant He was 38, 46 years old when he died as Dagoth
Wilt Chamberlain He was 47, 63 years old when he died as Bombaata
Grace Jones She was 36, now 75 years old as Zula
Jeff Corey He was 69, 88 years old when he died as Grand Vizier
Sven-Ole Thorsen He was 39, now 79 years old as Togra
Sarah Douglas She was 31, now 70 years old as Queen Taramis
Ferdy Mayne He was 68, 81 years old when he died as The Leader
Pat Roach He was 47, 67 years old when he died as Man Ape / Toth-Amon
Mako She was 50, 72 years old when she died as Akiro 'The Wizard'

Conan the Destroyer Crew

Name Department
Giles Masters as Draughtsman. Art
Kevin Phipps as Art Direction. Art
Giorgio Desideri as Set Dresser. Art
Pier Luigi Basile as Production Design. Art
Craig Campobasso as Production Office Assistant. Crew
Robert E. Howard as Characters. He was 78 (30) years old when He died Writing
Anne Strick as Unit Publicist. Crew
Richard Fleischer as Director. He was 67 (89) years old when He died Directing
Johanna Ray as Casting. Production
Jack Cardiff as Director of Photography. He was 69 (94) years old when He died Camera
Carlo Rambaldi as Creature Design. He was 58 (86) years old when He died Visual Effects
Luigi Rocchetti as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Nina Axelrod as Casting Assistant. She was 28 (now 68) years old Production
Edward R. Pressman as Producer. He was 41 (now 80) years old Production
Stanley Mann as Screenplay. He was 55 (87) years old when He died Writing
Charles L. Finance as Visual Effects Coordinator. Visual Effects
Ray Alba as Sound Editor. Sound
William Stout as Conceptual Design. He was 34 (now 74) years old Art
Roy Thomas as Story. He was 43 (now 82) years old Writing
Angelo Giovagnoli as Musician. Sound
Román Ariznavarreta as Stunts. Crew
Stephen F. Kesten as Executive Producer. Production
Stephen F. Kesten as Unit Production Manager. Production
Greig McRitchie as Orchestrator. He was 69 (83) years old when He died Sound
Anuar Badin as Production Supervisor. Production
Conan the Destroyer poster
Conan the Destroyer (39 years)

The most powerful legend of all is back in a new adventure.

  • Release day: Friday, June 29, 1984
  • Runtime: 103 minutes
  • Budget: 18000000.00
  • Revenue: 31042035.00