Brotherhood of Blood 15 years old

Hell has come to Earth!

Driven by vengeance, thirsty for blood... and damned to hell! Guarded by vampires and chained in a dark cellar by the mighty vampire King Pashek, crack vampire hunter Carrie Rieger's time is running out.her relentless quest to crush the world's undead scourge has brought her to the home of Pashek. But she is not here to hill him. Instead she wishes to join forces with her immortal enemies in an effort to rise up against an even more terrifying threat, one that would chill the soul of even the most blood-thirsty vampire; the mighty vampire demon Vlad Kossel.Thought to have been killed many hundreds of years ago, Kossel has now returned to wreak bloody vengeance on his kind before enslaving humanity. He will destroy everything in his path and there is only one hunter who can stop him...


Brotherhood of Blood Cast

Name Character
Wes Ramsey He was 30, now 45 years old as Fork
Victoria Pratt She was 36, now 51 years old as Carrie Rieger
Jason Connery He was 44, now 59 years old as Keaton
Sid Haig He was 68, 80 years old when he died as Pashek
William Snow He was 47, now 62 years old as Thomas
Rachel Grant She was 30, now 45 years old as Jill
Ken Foree He was 59, now 74 years old as Stanis
Angela Trimbur She was 26, now 41 years old as Carla
Adrienne McQueen She was 29, now 44 years old as Elena

Brotherhood of Blood Crew

Name Department
Wolfgang Herold as Producer. He was 45 (now 61) years old Production
Peter Scheerer as Director. He was 33 (now 48) years old Directing
Peter Scheerer as Writer. He was 33 (now 48) years old Writing
Michael Roesch as Director. He was 33 (now 48) years old Directing
Michael Roesch as Writer. He was 33 (now 48) years old Writing
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Brotherhood of Blood (15 years)

Hell has come to Earth!

  • Release day: Thursday, October 11, 2007
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Budget: 500000.00