Blood Salvage 31 years old

Blood Salvage

Twisted tale about a crazy, preaching redneck named Jake who kidnaps people off the highway and performs sick medical experiments on them. He then proceeds to sell their organs on the black market to Mr. Stone. Everything is fine until he kidnaps the handicapped April and finds that she is harder to control than the others.


Blood Salvage Cast

Name Character
John Saxon He was 55, now 86 years old as Clifford Evans
Ray Walston He was 75, 86 years old when he died as Mr. Stone
Laura Whyte as Pat Evans
Gil Roper as Emcee
Evander Holyfield He was 27, now 59 years old as Boxer
Christian Hesler as Hiram
Lori Birdsong as April Evans
Lonnie R. Smith, Jr. as Policeman (as Lonnie Smith)
Dan Albright as Sheriff Reynolds
Ralph Pruitt Vaughn as Roy
Danny Nelson He was 15, now 46 years old as Jake Pruitt

Blood Salvage Crew

Name Department
Evander Holyfield as Co-Producer. He was 27 (now 59) years old Production
Evander Holyfield as Executive Producer. He was 27 (now 59) years old Production
Tucker Johnston as Director. Directing
Tucker Johnston as Writer. Writing
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Blood Salvage (31 years)

  • Release day: Friday, September 14, 1990
  • Runtime: 98 minutes