Beautiful Loser 12 years old

His parents named him Reginald Regineld. His friends call him "Ditto." At the age of eleven he decided he wasn't going to do anything with his life. And that was going pretty well until senior year when he saw Tracy. This wasn't so much love at first sight as much as it was "completely-head-over-heels-gonna-get-her-at-any-price-even-if-I-make-a-complete-fool-of-myself" love at first sight. And it would burn for decades. Whether she loved him or not.


Keith David
Keith David

Morgan - Adult

Lenny Von Dohlen
Lenny Von Dohlen

Reggie (Adult)

William Katt
William Katt

Father Hume

Cynthia Gibb
Cynthia Gibb

Bonnie (adult)

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman


Laura Breckenridge
Laura Breckenridge

Tracy (Teenage)

Beautiful Loser Cast

Name Character
Lenny Von Dohlen He was 50, now 62 years old as Reggie (Adult)
Billy L. Sullivan He was 29, now 41 years old as Taylor
William Katt He was 58, now 70 years old as Father Hume
Cynthia Gibb She was 45, now 57 years old as Bonnie (adult)
Edwin Hodge He was 24, now 36 years old as Morgan (teenage)
Keith David He was 53, now 65 years old as Morgan - Adult
Laura Breckenridge She was 26, now 38 years old as Tracy (Teenage)
Eddie Velez He was 51, now 63 years old as Diego (adult)
Braeden Lemasters He was 13, now 25 years old as Jake
Jack Coleman He was 51, now 63 years old as Jimmy
Adam Lamberg He was 25, now 37 years old as Reggie (teenage)
Mark Sivertsen He was 50, now 62 years old as Father
Caitlyn Folley He was 22, now 34 years old as Bonnie (Teenage) (as Caker Folley)
Taylor Dayne She was 47, now 59 years old as Sharon Dolan

Beautiful Loser Crew

Name Department
Beautiful Loser (12 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, September 16, 2009
  • Runtime: 94 minutes