Beanstalk 29 years old

Jack's on the way up... to adventure!


A young boy finds a crate of green beans. When they're planted, they grow a beanstalk to the clouds, where a castle of giants are habited.


Beanstalk Cast

Name Character
Stuart Pankin He was 48, now 77 years old as Giant
Margot Kidder She was 46, 69 years old when she died as Doctor Kate 'Doc' Winston
David Naughton He was 43, now 73 years old as Mr. Ladd
Patrick Renna He was 15, now 44 years old as Danny
Cindy Sorenson as Giant's Daughter (as Cindy Lue Sorensen)
Richard Paul He was 54, 58 years old when he died as Mayor Cecil Boggs
Richard Moll He was 51, now 81 years old as Richard Leech
Amy Stock-Poynton She was 35, now 65 years old as Rebecca Taylor (Jack's Mom)
Cathy McAuley as Giant's wife
J. D. Daniels He was 14, now 43 years old as Jack Taylor

Beanstalk Crew

Name Department
Adolfo Bartoli as Cinematography. He was 143 (45) years old when He died Crew
Michael Davis as Director. He was 33 (50) years old when He died Directing
Michael Davis as Writer. He was 33 (50) years old when He died Writing
Kevin Bassinson as Original Music Composer. Sound
Beanstalk poster
Beanstalk (29 years)

Jack's on the way up... to adventure!

  • Release day: Thursday, December 01, 1994
  • Runtime: 78 minutes