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Brooklyn McKnight, 20 YouTube Star
Max Mills, 17 Pop Singer
Harvey Mills, 17 Pop Singer
Bailey McKnight, 20 YouTube Star
Gabby Douglas, 24 American artistic gymnast
Psy, 42 South Korean singer
Donald Trump, Jr., 42 American businessman
Victoria Bachlet, 20 TikTok Star
Andrew Taggart, 30 DJ
Jacy July, 30 YouTube Star
Sharky, 24 YouTube Star
Tommy Lee, 50 American musician
NoahsNoah, 18 YouTube Star
Matilda Devries, 16 Pop Singer
John Denver, 53 Singer-songwriter instrumentalist record producer actor writer poet activist
Sam Faiers, 29 British television personality
Anthony Hopkins, 82 Actor
Joshua Cureton, 18 TikTok Star
Bella Anderson, 15 TikTok Star
Alex Ferguson, 78 footballer and manager
Zachary Piona, 27 Twitter Star
Jessica Clements, 26 YouTube Star
Richie McCaw, 39 New Zealand Rugby union footballer.
Jordan Banjo, 27 Street dancer rose to fame after winning Britain's Got Talent with dance troupe Diversity
Salman Of Saudi Arabia, 84 King
Donna Summer, 63 American singer-songwriter
Iskall, 34 YouTube Star
Val Kilmer, 60 Actor
Paul Rodriguez, Jr., 35 Skateboarder
Bayani, 25 YouTube Star
Jacques Cartier, 65 Explorer
Jenna Compono, 27 Reality Star
Ryley Isaac, 18 Instagram Star
Brianna Jones, 21 Dancer
Zion Long, 21 Instagram Star
Max Bowden, 25 TV Actor
Bryan SKabeche, 25 YouTube Star
Vince Sant, 26 Fitness Instructor
Ben Kingsley, 76 Actor
RawBeautyKristi, 32 YouTube Star
Emily Paulichi, 15 YouTube Star
Nicholas Sparks, 54 Author
Max Peck, 1
Kodi Brown, 25 YouTube Star
Corey Crawford, 35 Canadian ice hockey player
Aarava, 24 Twitch Star
Henri Matisse, 84 painting printmaking sculpture drawing
Candice Craig, 31 Pop Singer
Atua Mo'e, 18 YouTube Star
Mbah Gotho, 146 Supercentenarian