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Isabel de Bolebec Countess of Oxford, 80 English noblewoman
Isabel de Clare 4th Countess of Pembroke, 48 suo jure Countess of Pembroke and Striguil
Isabel de Verdun Lady Ferrers of Groby, 32 English noble
Isabel le Despenser Countess of Arundel, 44 Countess of Arundel
Isabel of Beaumont, 41 Grandmother of Henry IV of England
Isabella, Countess of Brienne, 54 Countess of Brienne (1356-1360) and Lecce (1356-1357)
Isabella Countess of Fife, 69 Scottish countess
Isabella Countess of Foix, 66 frecnh countess
Isabella Appiani, 84 Princess of Piombino from 1611 until 1628
Isabella FitzRoy Duchess of Grafton, 55 British peeress and Duchess of Grafton
Isabella Gonzaga, 54
Isabella Mortimer Countess of Arundel, 45 English countess
Isabella d'Este, 64 Italian noble
Isabella de Warenne, 768 British noble
Isabella of Braganza Duchess of Guimarães, 62 Duchess of Guimarães in her own right
Isabella of Gloucester and Hertford, 37 Lady of Annandale and Ireby
Isabella of Ibelin Queen of Cyprus and Jerusalem, 83 Queen consort of Cyprus (1267-1284)
Isabella of Lusignan, 66 French noble
Isabella of Navarre Viscountess of Rohan, 43 French viscountess
Isabelle de Craon, 11 french noble
Isabelle de Meulan, 72 Dame de Craon, Dame de Mayenne
Isabelle of Luxembourg, 51 Countess of Flanders
Ismaël de Lesseps, 43 Fencer
Isobel of Huntingdon, 68 Wife of Robert de Brus 4th Lord of Annandale
Isonokami no Yakatsugu, 58 Japanese noble
Israel Sieff Baron Sieff, 82 English businessman
István Esterházy (1572–1596), 24 Hungarian noble
István Esterházy (1616–1641), 25 hungarian noble
Ivan Viscount d'Oyley, 24 Fencer
Ivan Antun Zrinski, 52 Count of Croatia