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Jim Chapman, 31 YouTube Star
LA Capone, 17 Rapper
Paul Newman, 83 American actor director
Daniel Boone, 85 Explorer
Gloria Stuart, 100 Actress
Bessie Smith, 43 American blues singer
Levi Strauss, 73 German-American businessman
Johnny Lewis, 28 Actor
Jessy Dixon, 73 American musician
Jacques Chirac, 86 President of France
Helen Kane, 62 Actress
Eily Malyon, 81 British character actress
August Macke, 27 German expressionist artist
Béla Bartók, 64 Hungarian composer pianist and collector of Eastern European and Middle Eastern folk music
Richard Mulligan, 67 American actor
Anna Magnani, 65 Actress
Nils Bohlin, 82 Swedish inventor
Byron Nelson, 94 Professional golfer
Shawn Lane, 40 American musician
Ralph Earnhardt, 45 American racing driver
Marianna Komlos, 35 bodybuilder fitness model and professional wrestling valet
Keith Jack, 81 British actor
William Henry Davies, 69 Poet
Barry Dennen, 79 American actor
George Santayana, 88 20th-century Spanish-American philosopher associated with Pragmatism
Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay, 69 Indian singer
William Levada, 83 Catholic cardinal
Juanita Hansen, 66 American actor
Shelly Manne, 64 Jazz drummer
Herschell Gordon Lewis, 87 American filmmaker
Jimi Heselden, 62 Entrepreneur
John Rothman, 70 American actor
Alexander Gordon Laing, 32 British explorer
Cipriani Potter, 78 Composer
Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, 90 Dutch military officer
Harriet Monroe, 75 American poet and editor
Terry Newton, 31 English rugby league player
Kirtland Cutter, 79 American architect
Arthur Hunnicutt, 69 Actor
Leopold Ružička, 89 Biochemistry
John Fitzwilliam Stairs, 56 Canadian politician
Ottó Bláthy, 79 Hungarian chess player
Jerry Haynes, 84 American actor best known for long-running role as children's television host Mr. Peppermint
Pyotr Kozlov, 71 Russian explorer
Hugh Lofting, 61 English novelist
Carl Sigman, 91 American songwriter
Lenny Hambro, 71 Jazz Musician
Gregg Toland, 44 American cinematographer