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Eleanor Roosevelt, 78 First Lady of the United States
Steve McQueen, 50 American actor
Roy Halladay, 40 Major league baseball pitcher
Leonard Cohen, 82 Canadian singer-songwriter
Joe Frazier, 67 American boxer
William Richards, 94 Politician
Jack Kelly, 65 Actor
Jack Mitchell, 88 Photographer
Gunnar Hansen, 68 Actor
Ann Dunham, 52 Anthropologist; mother of Barack Obama
Janet Reno, 78 Former Attorney General of the United States
Howard Keel, 85 Actor
Harry Thompson, 45 Radio producer
Alfred Russel Wallace, 90 English naturalist and biologist
Jaja Wachuku, 78 Nigerian politician and diplomat
Carsten Dahl, 91 Danish musician
Gene Tunney, 81 United States Marine
Victor McLaglen, 72 Actor
Jahangir, 58 Emperor
Sam Thompson, 62 American baseball player
John Patrick, 90 Writer
Zoltán Gera, 35 Footballer
Julie Gregg, 72 American actor
Dwight Frye, 44 Actor
Jimmy Young, 67 DJ
Miguel Iglesias, 79 President of Peru
Bob Dillinger, 91 American baseball player
Elijah Parish Lovejoy, 34 American abolitionist
George W. George, 87 American producer
Carmen Basilio, 85 Boxer
Will Durant, 96 American historian philosopher and writer
Darrell Royal, 88 American college football player college football coach College Football Hall of Fame member
Pat Hutchins, 75 English children's writer and illustrator
AP Carter, 68 Country Singer
Kid Sheik, 88 American musician
Gus Edwards, 66 American performer
Lawrence Durrell, 78 Biographer; poet; playwright; novelist
Hannah Szenes, 23 Hungarian resistance fighter
Carleton Young, 89 Actor
Florencio Sánchez, 35 Uruguayan politician and writer
Alan Watson, 67 Magician
Bobby Bass, 65 American actor
Sarah Webster Fabio, 51 American poet literary critic and educator
Charles Aidman, 68 American actor
Alexander Dubček, 70 Slovak politician
David Leland, 1 British actor screenwriter adn director
Roy Worters, 57 Canadian ice hockey player
Janet Flanner, 86 American journalist