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Elmo Lincoln, 63 American film actor
Hella Sketchy, 18 Rapper
Joseph Smith, 38 President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Ella Gaines, 79 Family Member
Tove Jansson, 86 Finnish children's writer and illustrator
Jack Lemmon, 76 American actor
John Entwistle, 57 musician songwriter
Bud Spencer, 86 Actor
Bobby Womack, 70 American musician
Michael Bond, 91 English author
Sophie Germain, 55 Mathematician
Chris Squire, 67 British musician
Corey Allen, 75 Actor director producer writer
Harlan Ellison, 84 American science fiction writer
Shelby Foote, 88 Novelist historian
Bobs Watson, 68 American actor
Don Grady, 68 Actor composer musician
Gale Storm, 87 American actress singer
Joan Sims, 71 English actress
Georgios Papadopoulos, 80 Greek politician
Allan Jones, 84 Actor
Léonie Adams, 88 American poet
Giorgio Vasari, 62 Italian painter
Geri Allen, 60 Composer pianist
Albert R. Broccoli, 87 American film producer
Wanda Gág, 53 American artist
Barry Brown, 27 Actor
Alvin Toffler, 87 American writer
Althea Flynt, 33 Magazine publisher
Marion Motley, 79 Player of American football
Sarah Helen Whitman, 75 United States poet
AJ Ayer, 78 Philosopher
Mustafa Tlass, 86 Syrian politician
Rogie, 74 YouTube Star
Milan Hodža, 66 Politician
Harry Agganis, 26 Baseball player
Don Rogers, 40 Football Player
Eugene Manlove Rhodes, 65 American writer
William Hutt, 87 Actor
Margaret Campbell, 56 Actress
Leonard Pennario, 83 American musician
Sandy Amorós, 62 Cuban baseball player
George Strong, 92 Composer
Vera Menchik, 38 British-Czech chess player
Michael Nyqvist, 56 Swedish actor
Roberto Sosa, 73 Actor
Gerd Ehlers, 64 Actor
Xenia Desni, 65 Actor