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Galileo Galilei, 77 Italian mathematician physicist philosopher and astronomer
Eli Whitney, 59 American inventor
Arcangelo Corelli, 59 Italian violinist and composer
Lord Baden-Powell, 83 War Hero
Yvonne DeCarlo, 84 Movie Actress
Art Clokey, 88 American animator
Steve Clark, 30 Guitarist songwriter
Jacob Wolf, 58 Journalist
Edward Muscare, 79 YouTube Star
Reta Shaw, 69 American actor
Andraé Crouch, 72 American musician
Alex Elmsley, 76 Famous for the Elmsley Count
Elijah Mainville, 9 YouTube Star
Matthew Beard, 56 Actor
Edd Byrnes, 86 actor
Pat Buttram, 78 American actor
Thomas Terry Stevens, 78 Movie Actor
Robert Baden Powell, 4 Entrepreneur
Billy Jenkins, 60 American musician
Donnelly Rhodes, 80 Canadian actor
Jim Elliot, 28 Martyred Christian missionary to Ecuador
Sara Carter, 80 American musician
Buck Henry, 89 American actor and director
Otis Clay, 73 American R&B and soul singer
John Duff, 62 Canadian racing driver
Jenny Joseph, 85 Poet
François Mitterrand, 79 French politician
Harvey Haddix, 68 American baseball player and coach
Zhou Enlai, 77 Chinese Premier
Kurt Schwitters, 60 German artist
Roy Innis, 82 American activist and politician
Nate Saint, 32 Martyred Christian missionary to Ecuador
Paul Verlaine, 51 Symbolist poet
Don Galloway, 71 American actor
Michel Thomas, 90 American linguist and language teacher
Rembrandt Bugatti, 31 Italian artist
Anthony Dawson, 75 Actor
Melvin Calvin, 85 American chemist Nobel laureate in Chemistry
Richard Tucker, 61 American opera singer
George Bellows, 42 American artist
John Mauchly, 72 American physicist
Joseph Schumpeter, 66 Austrian economist
Abdoulaye Diakité, 67 Senegalese drummer
Kenneth Patchen, 60 American writer
Carlos Monzón, 52 Argentine boxer
Tom Kerry, 81 American activist
Alexis Weissenberg, 82 Bulgarian musician
Marvin Yagoda, 78 Entrepreneur