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Nikola Tesla, 86 Serbian-American inventor physicist mechanical engineer and electrical engineer
Neil Peart, 67 Actor
Catherine of Aragon, 50 Queen Consort of Henry VIII
Hirohito, 87 Japanese emperor
Emma Catherine, 57 YouTube Star
Mighty Igor, 70 Professional wrestler
Paddy Doherty, 89 Reality Star
Edmund Barton, 70 First Prime Minister of Australia and a founding justice of the High Court of Australia
Rod Taylor, 84 Actor
Boris Law, 67 Instagram Star
Run Run Shaw, 106 Hong Kong film producer
Kitty Kallen, 93 American singer
Avery Schreiber, 66 American comedian
Huell Howser, 67 Television producer and host
Mário Soares, 92 President of Portugal
Lou Henry Hoover, 69 First Lady of the United States
Magnus Magnusson, 77 Scottish television host
Bronko Nagurski, 81 American football player professional wrestler
Trevor Howard, 74 Actor
Tom Netherton, 70 American singer
Richard Libertini, 82 Actor
Larry Grayson, 71 British comedian
Carlos Castro, 98 TV Show Host
André Courrèges, 92 Fashion designer
Emma P. Carr, 91 American chemist
Allan Ramsay, 44 Poet
Murray Rothbard, 68 American economist
Bert Hinkler, 40 Australian aviator
Thomas McGuire, 24 United States Army officer
John Berryman, 57 American poet
Jože Plečnik, 84 Slovenian architect
Larry Gogan, 81 Irish broadcaster
Ada Louise Huxtable, 91 architecture writer
Gary Albright, 36 Professional wrestler
Bobby Hamilton Sr., 49 Race Car Driver
JP Parise, 73 Hockey Player
Jim Zulevic, 40 American actor
Johnny Guarnieri, 67 American musician
Richard Hamming, 82 Mathematician
Bimal Roy, 56 Director
Richard Dadd, 68 British artist
Edward Kasner, 76 American mathematician
Vladimir Prelog, 91 Croatian-Swiss chemist
Enomoto Kenichi, 65 Movie Actor
Michel Auclair, 65 French actor of Serbian descent
Heinrich Harrer, 93 Austrian Writer
Bobby Robinson, 93 Music Producer
George Mullin, 63 Baseball Player