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Leo Bill, 40 British actor
Mya-Lecia Naylor, 16 Actress
James TW, 23 Pop Singer
Henry Parkes, 80 New South Wales politician and Premier
Richard Bremmer, 68 British actor
Ellise Chappell, 29 TV Actress
Wendy Padbury, 73 British actor
Nehemiah Grew, 70 British botanist
Joseph Elkington, 66 English drainage engineer
Rosalind Miles, 78 British writer
Cecil Boden Kloss, 72 English zoologist
Bernard Spilsbury, 70 British pathologist
Alfred Philpott, 60 Milk factory worker museum curator entomologist writer
John Baughan, 43
Steven Grives, 70 Actor
William Petow, 80
David Knowles (footballer), 70 Association footballer
Robert Catesby, 32 English conspirator
Eleanor Beauchamp, 58
Jacqueline Voltaire, 59 Mexican actor
George Wyllys, 54 Governor of the Connecticut Colony
Thomas Malory, 66 English politician and writer
Cecil Thursby, 75 Royal Navy admiral
Edwin Mills, 68 Actor
Angela Morant, 80 British actor
Dugdale Dugdale, 63
David Gordon Wilson, 91 American professor of Engineering
William Perkins (cricketer), 34 West Indian cricketer
Jonathan Harvey, 73 Writer
Martin Wyldeck, 74 British actor
Edward Arthur Butler, 72 English ornithologist and army officer
Barbara Rawdon-Hastings, Marchioness Of Hastings, 48
Leslie Denison, 87 Actor
Marmaduke Matthews, 76 British artist
Leonard Willey, 81 Actor
Wenman Wykeham-Musgrave, 89 World War II Royal Navy officer
Francis Willughby, 36 English ornithologist and ichthyologist
Lumley Lyster, 69 Royal Navy admiral
Benjamin Tonks, 52 New Zealand politician
Joseph Pickford, 48 British architect
June Chadwick, 69 British actor
Isabella De Beauchamp, 6
Dorothie Feilding, 46 British heiress voluntary nurse and ambulance driver; first woman awarded the Military Medal for bravery
Thomas Overbury, 32 English poet
Giles Foden, 54 British writer
Alex Moulton, 92 British cycle designer
William Somervile, 66 English poet
Frank Schofield, 81 Canadian missionary