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Paula White, 55 American television evangelist
Diplo, 42 American DJ
Chad Bumphis, 31 American football player
Chris Stratton, 30 Baseball player
Tan White, 38 American basketball player
Mike Chaney, 77 American Politician
Alex Carrington, 33 American football player
Glenn McCullough, 66 American politician
Jody Steverson, 52 American politician
Joe Horn, 49 American football player
Allie Grant, 27 Actress
Elvis Presley, 42 American singer song producer and actor
Sam Gilliam, 87 American artist
Alan Nunnelee, 56 American politician
Barry Wesson, 44 American baseball player
Jack Gordon (Mississippi politician), 66 American politician
William L. Clayton, 86 American businessperson
Gil Stovall, 34 American swimmer Olympian
Claude Feemster Clayton, 59 United States federal judge
Arceto Clark, 31 American football player
Deandre' Eiland, 38 American football player
Sharion Aycock, 65 United States federal judge
Elder Roma Wilson, 110 Gospel harmonica player and singer
Quinton Meaders, 37 Player of American and Canadian football
Roy Gregory, 31 Antigua and Barbuda footballer
Amy Wesson, 43 American fashion model
Daniel Boman, 46 American politician
Genevieve Pou, 87 American mystery writer
Kareem Moore, 36 Player of American football
Wesley Meredith, 57 North Carolina politician
Jarious Jackson, 44 American football player
Van Tiffin, 55 Player of American football
Tina Mabry, 43 Director
Russell Copeland, 49 American football player
Etta Zuber Falconer, 69 Mathematician
Tamika Whitmore, 43 American basketball player
Andy Reese, 61 Major League Baseball player