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Famous people from San Francisco, United States of America including Biz Stone, Xian Lim, Pete Carroll, Darren Criss, Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom and many more.

Biz Stone, 47 American blogger
Xian Lim, 32 Filipino actor and singer
Pete Carroll, 70 American football player and coach
Darren Criss, 34 American actor and singer
Gavin Newsom, 54 American mayor
Ya Boy, 37 Rapper
Tucker Carlson, 52 Journalist
Aubrey O'Day, 37 American fashion designer model and singer
Rob Schneider, 57 Actor comedian director screenwriter
Kreayshawn, 32 Music video director rapper
Max Carver, 33 Actor
Jason Kidd, 48 American basketball player and coach
Margaret Cho, 52 American stand-up comedian
Aisha Tyler, 51 Actor director
Remy LaCroix, 33 American pornographic actor
Trina Michaels, 38 Former pornographic actress
Francisca Valenzuela, 34 Chilean musician
Ginger Conejero, 37 Filipino journalist
Alicia Silverstone, 45 Actress
Juliet Simms, 35 American singer-songwriter
Rider Strong, 41 Actor screenwriter director producer
Alexis Ayala, 56 Mexican actor
Dianne Feinstein, 88 American politician
Andre Ward, 37 Boxer
Jim Gentile, 87 American baseball player
Jamie Chung, 38 American actor
Bonnie-Jill Laflin, 45 American actor model
Arj Barker, 47 American actor and comedian
Kirk Hammett, 58 American musician
Simon Rex, 47 American actor and musician
Malcolm Moore, 60 English footballer
Ricky Paull Goldin, 56 Actor producer director television personality
Alberto Torrico, 52 American politician
Jeffrey Tambor, 77 American actor
Al Madrigal, 50 American actor and comedian
Jeremy McGrath, 49 American racing driver
Bob Weir, 74 American musician
Jonathan Blow, 50 American Video Game Designer
Alexander Polinsky, 47 American actor
T. J. Ward, 34 American football player
BD Wong, 60 American actor
Chris Remo, 37 American game designer
Anton del Rosario, 39 Filipino footballer
Kurt Yaeger, 44 American actor
Christopher Soghoian, 40 American computer scientist
Greg Rucka, 51 Writer
Keith Jensen, 33 Basketball player
Claire Coffee, 41 American actress