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Kobe Bryant, 41 Professional basketball player
Bob Saget, 65 American television presenter
Michelle Malkin, 50 American author and journalist
Adam McKay, 53 American actor comedian and director
Kyle Lowry, 35 American basketball player
Jayson Stark, 69 Sports writer
Jazmine Sullivan, 34 American singer-songwriter
Bill Cosby, 83 American actor comedian author producer musician activist
Sonya Smith, 49 Venezuelan actor
Shaun Phillips, 40 American football player linebacker
Jesse Watters, 42 American television producer
Baauer, 32 American record producer
Marc Lamont Hill, 42 Activist
Eric Wareheim, 45 American musician actor and director
Kate Gosselin, 46 American television personality
Roxy Reynolds, 37 American pornographic actor
DJ Jazzy Jeff, 56 Musician
Bernard Hopkins, 56 American boxer
Kristie Lu Stout, 46 American journalist and television news anchor
Sara Shepard, 44 Author
Kate Flannery, 57 American actor
Kurupt, 48 American rapper
Ed Bassmaster, 48 YouTube comedian
Todd Glass, 56 American comedian
Jane McGonigal, 43 American artist
Maureen Johnson, 48 American writer
Lee Daniels, 61 American actor producer
James Fallows, 71 American journalist
Laura Carmine, 38 Actress
Robert Picardo, 67 American actor
Raheem Brock, 43 American football defensive end
Daphne Oz, 35 American writer and television personality
Mike Mayock, 62 Player of American football
Ralph Garman, 56 American actor
Steven Levy, 70 American journalist
Keith Powell, 42 American television actor
Clayton Morris, 44 American television host
Myrka Dellanos, 56 TV Show Host
Andy Greenwald, 44 American journalist
Josh Wink, 51 American musician
Bobak Ferdowsi, 41 systems engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Marc Nelson, 50 American musician
Stevie Williams, 41 American skateboarder
Abby Huntsman, 35 Television Host and Producer
King Britt, 53 American DJ and record producer
Rick Jackson, 32 American basketball player
Frankie Smith, 66 American musician
Scott Patterson, 62 Actor known for his role on Gilmore Girls