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Farrah Abraham, 30 Television personality
Sting (wrestler), 62 Professional wrestler
Nicholas Sparks, 55 Author
Zach Nelson, 60 American businessman
Mark Richt, 61 American college football player college football coach quarterback
Jaime King, 42 American actress and model
Bryan Greenberg, 43 American actor and musician
Sugar Todd, 30 American speed skater
Clayton Anderson, 62 Astronaut Engineer
Niles Paul, 31 American football player
James Adomian, 41 American actor
Kurt Andersen, 66 American novelist
Ahman Green, 44 American football player
Eric Crouch, 42 American football player
Gabrielle Union, 48 American actress
Keenan Robinson, 31 American football player
Wade Boggs, 63 American baseball player
Jason Christiansen, 51 American baseball player
Angela V. Shelton, 51 American actor
Lee Terry, 59 American politician
Pete Peterson, 83 Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Ron Kellogg, 58 American basketball player
Brian McFayden, 44 TV Show Host
Tim Kasher, 46 American musician
Jorge Garcia, 48 American actor
Shaun Prater, 31 American football player
Brian Holt, 32 Footballer
Junior Bryant, 50 American football player
Andy Milder, 51 American actor
Zach Potter, 35 American football player
Heath Mello, 41 American politician
Mike Friend, 59 American politician
Alex Henery, 33 All-American college football player professional football player placekicker
Warren Buffett, 90 Businessman; Billionaire
Julie Wilson, 90 American actor
Cherien Dabis, 45 Palestinian film director
Brad Ashford, 71 American politician
Charlie Munger, 97 American business magnate lawyer investor and philanthropist
Rex Walters, 51 American basketball player-coach
Linus of Hollywood, 48 Singer
Barney Cotton, 64 American Football Player And Coach
Alexander Payne, 60 Film director
Andy Roddick, 38 American tennis player
Cathy Hughes, 74 American businesswoman
Kelly Lindsey, 41 Association footballer
Peter Buffett, 63 American musician and writer
Scott Gutschewski, 44 Professional golfer
Chip Maxwell, 58 American politician