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Famous people from Oklahoma City, United States of America including Skip Bayless, Elizabeth Warren, Ray William Johnson, Olivia Munn, Don Cherry, Don Cherry and many more.

Skip Bayless, 69 sportswriter
Elizabeth Warren, 72 American lawyer and politician
Ray William Johnson, 40 American Internet personality
Olivia Munn, 41 American actress model presenter
Don Cherry, 61 ice hockey coach television commentator
Wes Welker, 40 American football player wide receiver
Bibi Jones, 30 Adult entertainment actress & model
Maree Cheatham, 79 American actor
Arash Markazi, 41 American journalist
Mat Hoffman, 49 American bicycle motocross rider
Brandon Weeden, 38 American football player
Grandma Lee, 87 American comedian
Ryan Broyles, 33 All-American college football player wide receiver
Robert Fate, 86 American writer
Sandi Patty, 65 American singer
Lexi Ainsworth, 28 American actress
Shelden Williams, 38 American basketball player
Jerry Azumah, 44 American football player
Noah Crawford, 27 American actor
Mason Cook, 21 American actor
Dominique Franks, 34 American football player
Daniel Orton, 31 American basketball player
Mick Cornett, 63 Mayor of Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Andrew Rice, 48 American politician
Rick Bayless, 67 American chef
Ross Swimmer, 77 20th century Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation and Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Brent Ryan Green, 37 American film director
Graham Colton, 39 American musician
J. R. Giddens, 36 American basketball player
Darnell Jackson, 35 American basketball player
Bill Watts, 82 American professional wrestler
Hank Stuever, 53 American travel writer
Dan Fagin, 58 American journalist and academic
Rodger Dean Duncan, 77
Lauren Lane, 60 American actress
Courtney Parker, 36 Greek singer
John Michael Talbot, 67 Singer guitarist
Deji Karim, 34 Player of American football
Suzy Amis Cameron, 59 Model actress
Kirk Watson, 63 American politician
Michael Dolan, 56 American actor
Clark Jolley, 51 American politician
Sam Bradford, 33 All-American college football player professional football player quarterback Heisman Trophy winner
Ty England, 57 American musician
Blake Bailey, 58 American Writer
Antoine Carr, 60 American basketball player
Brett Hulsey, 62 Wisconsin politician
Greg Richmond, 40 American football player