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Lady Gaga, 35 American pop singer
Ben Stiller, 55 Actor Comedian Director Writer
Ivanka Trump, 39 American businesswoman socialite and fashion model
Ansel Elgort, 27 Actor model DJ
Stan Lee, 95 American comic book writer and creator
Josh Peck, 34 Actor
Donald Trump, Jr., 43 American businessman
Sarah Hyland, 30 Actress
Ethan Suplee, 45 American film actor
Rivers Cuomo, 51 American musician
Alex Rodriguez, 46 Professional baseball player
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 60 Actress comedian
Leo Laporte, 64 American broadcaster
Mark Bittman, 71 American journalist food writer
Henry Winkler, 75 American actor director and writer
Zac Posen, 40 American fashion designer
Natasha Lyonne, 42 Actress
Jonah Goldberg, 52 Political writer and pundit
Jonathan Stewart, 58 Player of American football
Thomas McDonell, 35 Actor musician
Emma Kenney, 21 American actor
Michael Rapaport, 51 Actor comedian director
Al Franken, 70 American comedian and politician
Caroline Kennedy, 63 attorney author and U.S. Japan Ambassador
Félix Sánchez, 43 Track and field athlete
Dan Abrams, 55 American lawyer writer television executive entrepreneur
Christa Miller, 57 American actress
Gaius Charles, 38 American actor
Rip Sullivan, 62 American politician
Edna Schmidt, 51 Puerto Rican journalist
Jerry Gonzalez, 69 American musician
Peter Gallagher, 65 American actor
Scarlett Johansson, 36 American actress
Jerry O'Connell, 47 American actor
Sheldon Whitehouse, 65 United States Senator from the state of Rhode Island
Jon Stewart, 58 American comedian
Ana Ortiz, 50 Actress
Ken Singleton, 74 American baseball player
BarBara Luna, 82 Actress
Karen Olivo, 44 American actor
Mark Hurd, 62 American businessman and corporate executive
Gia Mantegna, 31 Actress
Christine Vachon, 59 American film producer
Andrew Solomon, 57 American journalist
Neal Adams, 80 American comic book and commercial artist
Alan Lowenthal, 80 American politician
Ryan Simpkins, 23 American actress
Frank DeCaro, 58 American radio and television personality