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Daniel Burka, 41 Canadian Businessman
Avi Lewis, 52 Canadian filmmaker
Rahul Sood, 47 Canadian businessman
Gerald Butts, 48 Canadian politician
Rob Pike, 64 Software Engineer
Erik Schatzker, 50 Canadian anchor
Danny Rimer, 49 Canadian businessman
Marian Bantjes, 57 Canadian graphic designer
Nancy Reid, 67 Canadian statistician
Chris Loranger, 31 American-Canadian electronic sports player
Nicky Mehta, 48 Country musician and member of The Wailin' Jennys
Dale Wilson, 67 Australian politician
Dagmar Midcap, 51 Canadian Television Personality
Dalbello, 62 Singer
Jennifer Holland, 36 Canadian actress
Barbie Wilde, 60 American actor
Lew Cirne, 50 Canadian technologist and entrepreneur
Chester Elton, 61 Canadian business theorist
Ty Templeton, 58 Canadian comic artist
John Eaves, 58 American illustrator
Christopher Simmons, 47 American graphic designer
Reece Thompson, 31 Canadian actor
Christopher G. Moore, 67 Writer
Matt Keith, 37 Canadian ice hockey player
Dan Bejar, 47 Canadian musician
Rudyard Griffiths, 50
Heather Taylor, 42 Canadian writer
Chris Perkins, 46 English footballer
David Kristian, 52 Canadian composer
Christine McGlade, 56 Canadian actor
Wendy McElroy, 69 Canadian individualist anarchist and feminist
Stanley Mann, 87 Screenwriter
Linda Sorenson, 80 Canadian actor
Melanie Merkosky, 34 Canadian actor
Colin A. Ross, 69 Psychiatrist
Astrid Young, 57 Canadian singer
Gregor Young, 54 Canadian soccer player
Kevin Frank, 63 Canadian actor
William Greenblatt, 32 Canadian actor
Dave Padden, 44 Canadian musician
Jaiden Animations, 24 YouTube Star
Brittany Raymond, 25 TV Actress
Trevor Tordjman, 24 Dancer
Myles Erlick, 21 Stage Actor
Samantha Grecchi, 25 Dancer
Jeon So-mi, 19 Pop Singer
Jennifer Pappas, 24 Dancer
Bree Wasylenko, 32 Dancer
Shelby Bain, 18 TV Actress
Alexandra Chaves, 19 TV Actress