Disney Legends

People with Disney Legends


Name Title
Bob Moore American musician
Phil Collins English musician
Steve Jobs CEO and Co-Founder of Apple Inc.
Billy Crystal American actor
Johnny Depp American actor
George Lucas American filmmaker
Buddy Baker American racing driver
Irwin Kostal American conductor
Mary Costa Singer
Bill Farmer American actor and comedian
Salvatore Camarata American conductor
Joseph Grant Poet
Garry Marshall Actor director writer producer
Bill Anderson (producer) Producer
Card Walker American businessman
Ned Washington American composer
Stan Lee American comic book writer and creator
William Everett Potter American politician
Julie Andrews Actress singer author
Bob Gurr
Norman Palmer Anglican bishop
Susan Lucci American actress
Alice Estes Davis American costume designer
Floyd Norman American animator
George Bodenheimer
Van Arsdale France
William Garity
Lillian Disney Illustrator
N. Paul Kenworthy American cinematographer
Carson Van Osten Comics creator and bass guitarist
Leonard Goldenson American businessman
Elton John English musician
Marty Sklar American businessman
Dick Jones Movie Actor
Betty White Actress
Dean Jones Actor
Lea Salonga Award winning Filipino singer and actress
Paige O'Hara Movie Actress
Tim Allen actor comedian
Bill Peet American artist and writer
David Stollery American industrial designer
Bill Justice American animator
Mary Blair American animator and illustrator
Frank Wells American film studio executive
Oprah Winfrey Talk show host
Floyd Gottfredson American cartoonist
Guy Williams Actor
Frank Gifford American football player television sportscaster
George Bruns American composer
Bill Tytla American animator
Marc Davis Visual Effects
Ilene Woods Actress/Singer
Wally Boag performer
Fred Moore Visual Effects
Frank Churchill American composer
Dave Smith Actor
Claude Coats American animator
Ben Sharpsteen Film director Film producer
Leigh Harline Composer
Robert Newton British actor
Eyvind Earle American artist
Robert Stevenson Director
Jimmie Dodd Actor
Kevin Corcoran American director producer and former child actor.
Les Clark American animator
Ken Annakin Film director
Roy Edward Disney Actor
Retta Scott American artist
Ginny Tyler American voice actress
Wilfred Jackson American animator
Matthew Garber Actor
Richard Todd Actor
Mel Shaw Animator
Andreas Deja German-American animator
Virginia Davis Actress
Howard Ashman American playwright and lyricist
Burny Mattinson American animator
Maurice Noble American animator
Richard Fleischer Film director
Wayne Allwine American voice actor
Ward Kimball Animator and director
Bonita Granville Actress
Buddy Ebsen American actor and performer
Maurice Chevalier Actor Singer
Rex Allen American film actor singer and songwriter
Fess Parker Actor
David Hand Director
Cliff Edwards American singer and actor
Kathryn Beaumont Actress
Paul Frees Actor
Ed Wynn Actor
Linda Larkin American actor
Frank Thomas Visual Effects
Buddy Hackett American actor and comedian
Adriana Caselotti Actress
Clarence Nash American actor
Carl Barks Illustrator comic book creator
Bill Walsh Writer
Clyde Geronimi American animator
Pinto Colvig Actor
Betty Lou Gerson American actor
John Mills British actor
David Tomlinson Actor
Jim Henson American puppeteer
Oliver Elfman American Composer, Singer-songwriter And Record Producer
Jodi Benson American actor and singer
Don Iwerks American businessman
Toshio Kagami Japanese businessman
Ron Logan
Danny Elfman Composer
Kurt Russell Actor
Barbara Walters Journalist television news anchor and talk show host
Joyce Carlson American artist
Dick Clark (basketball) Pro Basketball player
Manuel Gonzales Artist
Joe Grant (ice hockey) Canadian ice hockey player
Harrison Price American economist
Dorothea Holt Redmond American artist
Donn Tatum American businessman
John Goodman (MP) English politician
Winston Hibler Screenwriter Film producer Film director
Jack Wrather American businessman
Peter Ellenshaw American artist
Peter Jennings News anchor
Roone Arledge American sports and news broadcasting pioneer
Tony Baxter Business Executive
Eric Larson American animator
John Hench American animator
Norm Ferguson (ice hockey) Canadian ice hockey player
Bob Moore (American football) American football player
Phil Collins (speedway rider) British speedway rider
Buddy Baker (composer) American composer
Estelle Getty Actress
Mark Hamill Actor
Jimmy MacDonald (sound effects artist) Animator voice actor musician and head of Disney sound effects department
Robin Williams (academic) British academic
Jack Hannah American animator
Jack Lindquist
Thurl Ravenscroft American actor and singer
Tim Considine American sportswriter and actor
Tim Conway Actor comedian
Tim Rice British lyricist
Glynis Johns British stage and film actress dancer pianist and singer
Hamilton Luske American film director
Wolfgang Reitherman American animator and film director
Xavier Atencio American animator
Yale Gracey
Fred MacMurray American actor
Fulton Burley Actor
Dick Huemer American animator
Dick Van Dyke Actor comedian television producer and writer
Don DaGradi American screenwriter
Roy Williams (Scouting) Chief Scout Executive
Rue McClanahan Actress
Russi Taylor Voice actress
Milt Kahl American animator
Tommy Kirk American actor and businessman
Tony Anselmo Animator and actor
Tyrus Wong Chinese-American artist
Ub Iwerks American film director
Sterling Holloway Actor
Steve Martin American comedian writer entertainer
Harper Goff
Harriet Burns American artist
Hayley Mills English actress
Herbert Ryman Disney Imagineer and Fine Artist
Marge Champion American actor and dancer
James Algar Film director screenwriter film producer
Joe Ranft American writer animator and voice actor
John Lounsbery Cartoonist
Julie Taymor American film and theatre director
Karen Dotrice English actress

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