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Zhou Nan, 92 Chinese revolutionary
Tommy Lasorda, 92 American baseball player and coach
Ruth Westheimer, 92 American sex therapist
Jean-Marie Le Pen, 92 French politician
Charley Williams, 92 Boxer
Geneviève Page, 92 French actor
Roy Face, 92 American baseball player
Jerald Johnson, 92 American Nazarene General Superintendent
Abu Bakar Ali, 92 Cinematographer
Lester Grinspoon, 92 American physician
Martin Davis, 92 American mathematician
Burt Bacharach, 92 American musician
Vin Scully, 92 American sportscaster
Patricia Driscoll, 92 Irish actor
Line Renaud, 92 French actor and singer
Nicholas Taylor, 92 Canadian politician
Andrés Rivera, 92 Argentine writer
David Ireland (author), 92 Australian writer
Naresh Kumar, 92 Indian tennis player
Hugo del Vecchio, 92 Olympic basketball player
Mary Craig (writer), 92
Gustavo Gutiérrez, 92 Peruvian theologian
Mike Feldman, 92 Canadian politician
Paul Dooley, 92 American actor
James Watson, 92 molecular biologist
Duke Simpson, 92 Baseball player
Alexander Singer, 92 American director
Renée Fox, 92 American sociologist
Steve Dodd, 92 Australian actor
Enrique Bolaños, 92 President of Nicaragua
Joe Pennington, 92 American musician
Joseph Bowler, 92 American artist
Aaron Banks, 92 American martial artist
Jack Taylor (journalist), 92 American journalist
Sidney Kimmel, 92 American filmmaker
James T. Laney, 92 ambassador college president
Ramón Rosario, 92 Olympic athlete
Jacobo Zabludovsky, 92 Mexican journalist
John Llewelyn, 92 Welsh philosopher
Pat Adams, 92 Painter
Don Shepherd, 92 Welsh cricketer
Red Farmer, 92 American racing driver
Mark Eden, 92 Actor
Irving Moskowitz, 92 American businessman
Norman May, 92 Australian sports broadcaster
T. R. Shaw, 92 historian
Peter Dawes, 92 Bishop of Derby; Archdeacon of West Ham
Tempest Storm, 92 American performer
Laura Cardoso, 92 Brazilian actor
Alan Grieve, 92 British Businessman