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Abdullah Gül, 70 11th President of the Republic of Turkey
Noah Jackson, 70 American football player
Rajinikanth, 70 Indian actor
Pedro Ferriz de Con, 70 TV News personality
Prabowo Subianto, 70 Indonesian general and politician
Pete Carroll, 70 American football player and coach
Jill Biden, 70 American educator and academic; Second Lady of the United States (1909–present)
Mark Hamill, 70 Actor
Pritish Nandy, 70 Indian politician
Ali Gomaa, 70 Egyptian imam
Tommy Hilfiger, 70 Fashion designer
Nirupama Rao, 70 Indian diplomat
Jean-Luc Mélenchon, 70 French politician
Helen Zille, 70 Premier of the Western Cape
Prakash Javadekar, 70 Indian politician
Nitish Kumar, 70 Indian politician
Mammootty, 70 film actor
Jane Seymour (actress), 70 Actress
Karl Rove, 70 former White House Deputy Chief of Staff
Laura Bozzo, 70 Peruvian talk show host
Jeanine Pirro, 70 American judge
Chuck Schumer, 70 U.S. Senator from the State of New York
François Bayrou, 70 French Politician
Rush Limbaugh, 70 U.S. radio talk show host Commentator Author and television personality
Jayson Stark, 70 Sports writer
Pier Luigi Bersani, 70 Italian politician
Michael Keaton, 70 American actor
Prasanna, 70 Indian theatre director and playwright
Subhash Chandra, 70 Indian Businessman
Terry Starr, 70 Canadian artist
John Doerr, 70 American businessman
Terry McMillan, 70 American writer
Kenneth Foster, 70 American murderer
Elio Di Rupo, 70 Belgian politician
Jim DeMint, 70 American politician
Oleg Gazmanov, 70 Russian singer
Jean-Louis Borloo, 70 French Politician
Bruce Harris, 70 American politician
Otto Pérez Molina, 70 President of Guatemala
Marsha Collier, 70 British Writer
David Coverdale, 70 singer-songwriter
Jackie Jackson, 70 American singer
Steven Van Zandt, 70 American muscian
Al Franken, 70 American comedian and politician
James Canton, 70 American businessman
Felipe Muñoz, 70 Swimmer
Cassandra Peterson, 70 Actress TV hostess
Charo, 70 Spanish-American comedienne and singer